The first 2013 event was an absolute cracker,with Lough Key seemingly the only place in Ireland on the day enjoying sunny calm conditions.  Well done to all the swimmers that took part and we look forward to seeing you all at the next event.

Saturday 15th June 2013

1500m Results Time Race No.1ST     ORAN KANE19.11,48102ND     TRISH BRENNAM   (1ST FEMALE)19,16.20403RD     MARK SHERIDAN20.44.51A344TH     DAMIEN WILDES21.14.41175TH     EAMON  MURPHY21.18.14356TH     AMY KILLEEN  (2ND FEMALE)21.25.81297TH     JIM KENNEALLY21.51.76258TH     PIERRE FAYOLLE22.23.19A69TH     CIARA MCGOWAN   (3RD FEMALE)22.27.66910TH    CLODAGH MURRAY24.23.16211TH    AMY MCGINN24.41.041812TH    STEPHAN BRANAGAN24.55.893213TH    MAUREE WALSH24.56.54814TH    BARRY BREE25.01,483915TH    EMMA KAVANAGH25.36.142416TH    LOUISE MCLOUGHLIN25.47.133617TH    COLM DALY25.52.294718TH    JENNIFER DOONAN26.46.522119TH    LAURA HENEGHAN27.21.923020TH    LORGAN GINTY27.37.604621ST    SARAH RYAN28,10.642822ND    CATHY HIGGINS28.40.011623RD    JESSICA LAMB28.40.95724TH     THOMAS PHELAN28.58.543725TH     LISA BOARDMAN29.19.444426TH     DAVID DRURY29.22.731127TH     KATE MURRAY30.23.222628TH     CAROLINE BOARDMAN30.40.444529TH     KAY BRENNAN30.56.29530TH     JAMES GALLAGHER33.35.701531ST     DAVID KEANE33.37.323132ND     BRENDAN DEVLIN33.54.682033RD     SEAN CARLETON36.31.641434TH      TINA AUGHNEY40.50.8022

750m ResultsTimeRace No.1ST         ORAN KANE10.16.32102ND         MARK SHERIDAN10.19.39A343RD         SHANE O DOHERTY10.30.16                  A194TH         AMY KILLEEN (1ST FEMALE)10.30.73295TH         EMAON MURPHY10.30.94356TH         PIERRE FAYOLLE11.10,98A67TH         AMY MCGINN (2ND FEMALE)11.59.94A188TH         EMMA KAVANAGH (3RD FEMALE)13.01,94249TH         THOMAS PHELAN13.04,043710TH        LORCAN GINTY13.32.374611TH        COLM DALY13.41.884712TH        CAROLINE BOARDMAN14.41.384513TH        LISA BOARDMAN14.59.084414TH        FRANK GREHAN15,03.44A3315TH        MOE KELLEHER15.24.868816TH        AIDEEN GINNELL15.35.07A3817TH        MAIREAD MCKNIGHT16.25.60A418TH        JAMES GALLAGHER16.47.891519TH        DEREK TRENAMAN16.52.822720TH        MAEVE GINNELL18,05.05A4221ST        BILL WILDES19.07,53A4322ND       KATE SEXTON26.31.18A13