Shannon river - 360km

The mighty Shannon River is Ireland's longest.

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Shannon - The mighty Shannon River is Ireland's longest.  This huge river splits the country down the middle and in an incredible 360km long.  This one is for the serious swimmer!

How It Works

A virtual swim can be done in your own time at your own pace and from any location. There's no need to travel on a set day - you can swim wherever you are and whenever you want. Your favourite local swim, out with your club and friends, discovering new places... it's up to you!The beauty of a virtual swim is that it is on your terms, all you have to do is enter a race, send us the evidence that you have completed it and that’s it!

1. Join now and enter Open water swimmer virtually swim community! You can sign up for one of our Irish specific events

2. Swim anywhere! Pool (once open), the sea, lakes and rivers.

3.submit your complete time, attaching whatever evidence files you have - see proof section

4. Receive your Open water swimmer medal, cap and cert (pdf) !

5. be entered in monthly spot prize draws from our sponsors which will be announced on for Facebook page.


Once you've completed your virtual swim all you have to do is send us evidence that you did it.

This can be in any form - however keeping track of it yourself is fine. That could be by spreadsheet, or screenshot of your devise (garmin, wahoo). If you tell us you did it we'll believe you - we take the view that you're competing against yourself, so why cheat? The medal/cert won't be worth anything to you if you cheat.

  • Manually count lengths in in a pool
  • use an open water swim location where you know the distance, record it on a spreadsheet or a blackboard we don't mind.
  • use you smart device and screen shot from pc or smart phone
  • or the good old fashion pen an paper and take a photo.

Submit and get your Pdf cert, medal and swim cap

Simply submit your complete time, attaching whatever evidence files you have - this can be documents or images. You will then receive your hard-earned cert, medal and cap in the post which will happen on the 1st of each month.

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