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Having first met while getting outdoor sports instructorships in sailing, windsurfing, powerboats, kayaking, rock climbing and orienteering, along with the management qualifications, both guys continued to be friends and to work in the outdoor scene for the past 12 years.

Together they have had many challenging adventure trips, like kayaking the 240km of the Shannon river (twice), four wheel drive trips to North Africa, surf holidays in Central America, rock climbing in Europe, etc. Both have travelled extensively in Australia, America, South America, Canada, North Africa, Europe and Asia.

John worked as a senior instructor in adventure centres. He has done a non stop kayak trip from Wales to Ireland, run the Dublin marathon and also completed the Ironman Wales. He's got a beautiful little girl and currently lives in Kildare.

Wayne worked for many years as an outdoor instructor then as an executive with a global courier company before setting up his own B&B outside of Lahinch.  Allowing himself to work seasonally as a beach lifeguard and ski guide and get back to what he loves.  He was on the Irish Surf Kayak team from 2005 - 2010 and has a number of national medals' for surf lifesaving.  He surfs everyday.


The Company

Open Water Swimmer does extensive event management plans leading up to all our swims to ensure the safest conditions for those involved. We have spent a lot of time scouting the country to ensure our swims are in stunning and unique bodies of water. We also have an extensive green and minimum impact policy both with our day to day running and while using the waterways.

All the courses are swam by ourselves prior to race day and are actually depth sounded using sonar. The course distances are laid out using GPS for complete accuracy, so don't worry the distances are what they should be, how straight you swim will dictate if you do more.

Our swim routes are laid out with the greatest consideration for local wildlife and fish stocks.

We work with the national park rangers and fishing clubs to ensure there's no ill effect on the wildlife . Powercraft are necessary for safety but their use is kept to a minimum. We are very conscious of the introduction of pest species from one water way to another via boat hulls and steps are in place to ensure this doesn't happen. Our own company vehicles are carbon off set and our staff are qualified beach lifeguards, powerboat licensed and first aid certified.

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